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The Aquarian reviews:
 "Shoot it at the sun"  
"...a direct and whirling communication of passionate resolve..."
-  John Pfeiffer


Speak into my Good Eye
"Shoot it at the Sun"
"...may very well be the most exciting and whacky experience I’ve ever had listening to an album."
-Jeffrey Skonieczny
Shoot it at the Sun
 " institution around their hometown of Montclair. Their eclectic mix of folk, rock and punk with a healthy mixture of wit and fun have earned them many fans in the town and beyond."
- Ed Magdziak

The Aquarian 
The Porchistas: Live
"This is music to sip moonshine by. Down in the holler, staking out the still and fermenting the components that make up the innermost back porch believability of this organic band."
- John Pfeiffer


The Star Ledger - Montclair Rock City 

 "A grown-up independent music scene blossoms in an artistically inclined suburb"

 Tris McCall

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